Where do I find the waivers for signing?
When you make a booking you will receive 2 emails, one has your booking details and one is ‘sign waiver’ email. Select this one.

Can I just sign on the day

We ask all customers to have their waivers signed before arrival, this saves so much time and helps your day to move smoothly.

Do I need to print my waiver

No, there is no need to print your waiver – once it has been signed, your booking is updated online.

Is it one waiver per booking or per person

One waiver per person. Children under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian or supervisor.

Can I sign one waiver for all my family

No, one waiver must be signed per person.

Can children sign their own waiver

No. the parent/guardian must sign on behalf of the child, but the child’s name and date of birth must be entered.

Can I sign on behalf of other people’s children.

If the parents of the child are aware that they are visiting Zipit, you can sign on their behalf, however, most organisers prefer the parents to sign themselves.

How do I forward on a waiver to other people
  • Click into the waiver email
  • If you have the group’s individual emails: forward the waiver email to everyone and they can click in and sign.
  • Alternatively, you can copy the URL (the search bar at the top of the page) into a whats app / messenger group.
I need to change a name on an unsigned waiver

You can do this when you are ready to sign the waiver for the new person. The old name can be overwritten before signing.

If you are sending on the waiver to someone else for signing, you can call us on 051 858008 and we can change the name for you, before signing.

I need to send 1 waiver to a member of my group
You can call us on 051 858008 and we will send a single waiver to someone for their signature.
Can I view a waiver once it is signed?

No, you cannot click into a waiver once it is signed, but you can see the name of person that the waiver refers to.