Do I need to book in advance?

Booking is essential

To guarantee your place, book online. It’s also cheaper to book online – there is an additional charge for walkins.

To take advantage of our reduced rate, your visit to Zipit must be booked online.

During peak times we are fully booked most days. As we have a limited number of harnesses, if you do not have a booking we cannot guarantee that you will get on the circuits.

What time should I arrive for my booking?

It is important to arrive on time

Your booking time is the time you need to arrive to enable you to complete the check-in process and get harnessed up ready for action. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed admission, especially during busy times.

Is it OK if one person from the group arrives late?

Unfortunately, not

We cannot accommodate late arrivals as every participant is allocated a time slot. If a member of your party cannot arrive on time, they will be unable to participate unless they are booked separately for a later time. However, this will mean they are separated from the rest of the group who will be at a different stage on the course.

Does the Instructor follow us on the course?

Instructors are always nearby

A trained instructor will give you a 30-45 minute Safety Briefing session before you climb the trees. When you have successfully completed the practice circuit, you can then complete the circuits at your own pace. You move through the circuits unguided, but Instructors are always on hand and will offer encouragement and help when you need it.

Can I get down at any time?


If at any time, you encounter difficulty or feel like you can’t continue climbing in the tress, our specially trained rescue instructors are on hand to assist you and lower you to the ground if necessary.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing

We recommend that you wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. You can bring your own gloves or you have the option to purchase a pair for €2 on arrival with contactless payment , no latex, fingerless or padded gloves. There will be no used gloves for customer use. You should wear comfortable shoes with good grips, no flip-flops or open-toed shoes or sandals. Long hair must be tied into a bun and it’s recommended that body piercings be covered. Midriffs should not be bare as the harness may chafe. We do not have changing room facilities.

You may need to bring insect repellent and sunscreen during certain months, we ask that all products are applied to the skin before being fitted with your harness. We recommend a deet-free insect repellent to minimise contact with our harnesses.

Can I wear glasses?


It is fine to wear glasses on our circuits, though, as with any activity, there is always a risk that they can fall off.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course you may!

Bring your camera if you want to record your time in the trees. All loose objects (such as cameras, phones etc) must be attached to you at all times or secured in a zipped pocket. This is for your own safety and that of the other participants.

Will there be queues?


In light of the current Covid_19 Pandemic, we have reduced our numbers on the course, to allow for social distancing and less queueing at the starts. There may be queues in the middle of the day at peak times, though our instructors always do their best to dissipate them as fast as possible. If you want to get around the course as fast as possible, book an early morning slot and be first on!

Are there storage / changing facilities?

Sorry, no!

We are afraid we do not provide storage for your belongings or have changing facilities.

Are there toilets?


These are located in the Visitor Centre at Lough Key and on-site in Farran and Tibradden. Unfortunately due to lack of running water in Tibradden Wood, we are restricted to the use of dry, ecological, composting toilets. It is recommended that you use the toilet facilities before starting.

Can I stop for food?

If you wish!

Your time at Zipit is up to 3 hours so if you do stop for food, you will be cutting down your time on the circuits. During this time of Covid_19 we have taken away all tables and chairs on decking area. As we are an open forest, we cannot stop anyone from having a picnic in the open areas, but we would ask that you stay away from the decking area and surrounding when stopping for a break. If you are leaving the site your harness has to be removed.

Is it safe?

Zipit is very safe

We have taken all necessary steps to ensure our activities are safe, providing you adhere to all of our safety rules. You must listen carefully to the safety briefing.

Zipit Forest Adventures is a member of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) and adheres to EN 15567-2 Sports and recreational facilities – Ropes courses – Part 2: Operation requirements.

This European Standard applies to the operation of ropes courses and specifies the operational requirements to ensure an appropriate level of safety and service when used for either recreation, training, education or therapeutic purposes.

We have a policy of informing participants of the nature of risk associated with our activities through our Waiver and our Safety Briefing (approx. 30 – 45 minutes) which is mandatory for all customers wishing to participate on our courses.

Through strict adherence to the ERCA requirements and continual investment in the most current Personal Protective Equipment we are confident that all risks are minimised.

For more details on safety, click here.

What happens if I get stuck?

Don’t panic, instructors are at hand

Instructors are always close-by to either encourage you or help you down to the ground. Instructors are fully trained and have special equipment to rescue you from the trees and bring you down safely to the ground.

However, we always try to offer advice and assistance to help you complete the circuit, so you leave us with a great sense of achievement.

What if I fall / slip?

No problem

Your safety harness will catch you, and then you can regain your footing and proceed. Instructors are always patrolling the course so if you need help just let them know.

What payment types are accepted at Zipit Cabin

During Covid we ask you to use contactless payment, no minimum spend required, cash payments will also be accepted.