It’s time for the first school mid-term break for 2024! Why not take the kids to explore the lush green heartlands of Ireland in Lough Key Forest and Activity Park?

Brimming with diverse scenery, it is an ideal day out for your kids, with ample activities for kids and adults alike. This mid-term break, experience the great outdoors like no other with February fun at Lough Key, Roscommon. Here’s all that you can do: 

  • Zipit Forest Adventures, Lough Key, Roscommon
    Embrace nature amidst the treetops at Zipit. With 5 circuits suitable for anyone over 7 years, Zipit is filled with adventure, thrill and challenges, making your outdoor experience worth it.

    Climb to the treetops, swing on the cargo nets and zip through one of the many ziplines! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to do an outdoor activity, Zipit offers 3 hours of fun in the lap of nature.

    Get off the screens and head outdoors this mid-term break for a fun-filled getaway! Visit to book your tickets and for more details.
  • Boda Borg
    Everyone loves challenges. And this one’s unique! If you are looking to do something out of the box, Boda Borg offers 15 quests and 47 challenges, with no instructions, whatsoever!

    Suitable for anyone over 7 years old, Boda Borg keeps you on your toes throughout. With ingenuity, multiple tasks, teamwork and some skill, you’ve to progress through 47 rooms, to get your way out. Explore new paths with every adventure, filled with curiosity, fun and excitement. 
  • Walking and cycling trails
    Explore the park’s historical features boasting the 19th-century parkland with majestic trees, follies and canals towards numerous walkways and trails, through the native woodlands.

    You can choose from multiple cycle trails along with the walkways, suitable for biking with kids. With approximately 8 km of scenic route for walking or cycling through the Boyle Marina, you can explore Lough Key at your own pace.

    With multiple routes and trails, you can choose the one best suited for your time out with kids. Don’t forget to have a quick pit stop at Lakeside Cafe, located in the visitor centre, to enjoy some comforting hot drinks and grab a satisfying and delicious snack. 

Are you ready to head outdoors this mid-term break and spend the well-deserved time with your kids? If you’ve been wondering where to head to, Lough Key is the place to be.